How Not To Fail Marketing Online

There is so much to say about this and only so much I can write in an article before most give up reading. You must build your own business with 100% control! For example if you join a make $10 over and over again type venture, what control do you have? Sure may be you can refer and help others build the same business but you have no control over where your business will go or end up! What if the Website owner suddenly closed the shop? Where are you? Therefore your control is only limited. Limited to the direction of the Webmaster! Your little better than an employee, working only for minimal results while building and spending your valuable time on someone else’s business!

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Probably one of the best Free Courses I have seen is Here! Great free educational material. I am not an affiliate of this site, I just loved the information!

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Keywords How Search Engines work

Keywords are search terms designed to assist others who want to know or find information about a certain topic online. People type into the Google or another Search Engine search box either one word or a phrase and Search Engines begin to search all sites on the Web to find the best fit to those words, then displays its closest results to the inquirer.

Now this can be awesome for Website owners who are switched on to their Niche customers. You need to think like your readers. Take the time to consider questions they may ask or how they may structure their queries in the search box, then create articles around them

At one time search engines used to only use only direct words or phrases and while it is true they still do so to some degree, they now look deeper into your content and fit the readers search closer to the theme and content of your article. As an example the search “How to save money” the search engines will look at your content more and decide if your article fits closer to the search term rather than just the words, “How to save money.” The problem was that at one time, Article publishers, website owners and others used to keyword stack their articles with keywords that did not fit the article and people were getting poor results when searching for content on their desired subject. Today Search Engines have become much smarter and look more at the content for its readers.

This means, as Blog or Website owners we must know what our Niche customers are searching for and provide good solid content around their search phrases.

To Your Success

Preparing For Success

Online marketing success! How much do you want it? What are you prepared to do to attain it? Most will say “failure is not an option,” however their actions show they do not believe that! When faced with a change most will feel that it is too hard and give up! 97% want a make money online NOW experience and chase pixies and stardust thrown about by a get rich quick attitude and online website/promotional owners who support that type of thinking. For the other 3% they do the opposite, tackle what is not easy and work hard to achieve. After all creating a new offline or online business takes time to set up and build. Lets look at setting up your chosen business.

Our previous articles showed the tools you need and how to find that perfect sub niche. Lets put it together, realizing this too will take time and a huge amount of effort.

We start by creating a Website or a Blog within the niche of your choice. Write why and how your overall website will assist your visitors and stick it to your home page. Then write something about you, your experiences and help your visitors see that you want to help them. Next write several articles on your chosen subject, for me about 5 posts was enough to start. DO NOT launch your site yet! Go to your Auto-responder and set up a capture form inviting people to join your list and why it would be beneficial for them to do so, perhaps giving them something for nothing as an enticement. Place it on every page. Find a few cheap high quality products to advertise and sprinkle them throughout your site and ensure your Auto-responder capture page is attached to them. More on Auto-responders later.

Write 8 to 10 emails about your niche, best if the information is not appearing on your Blog/Website. In this way it becomes privileged information only for your list. This will be your mail out to those who join your list.

Now you are ready to launch your site, Your next step is to write at least one post everyday, in this way the search engines will pick up your site and start ranking your information allowing people to come to your site and enjoy the information you are providing. Search engine traffic is free and usually high quality. It will further help you if you make sure you target keywords or search phrases people may type into the search boxes. An example could be, when one suffer from pimples.. “How to cure acne fast” if you have a post with a similar theme, then your site will rank higher in the search engines response the the visitors question. Be sure to research your article before writing and consider the questions people may ask before you write your post, then try to fit such question inside your post. However as a precaution, make the way you use such questions very natural as a part of your post and do not use too many. Perhaps one or two.. Then make them your keywords..

So what are Keywords? Next time..
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Finding A Profitable Niche

Starting a proper Ever Green business that will survive the test of time has to be Niche Marketing. It can be anything, something you like or know a bit about or something that has a real need. It is solely up to you. Do not worry if you know only a little about your choice, you will learn more as you go. You only need to know 1% more than your visitors in order to help them! Finding a profitable niche however, takes some work! Lets look into it more.

Firstly start by thinking of 3 niches it can be anything. Lets say Sport, Beauty and Make Money Online! Each Niche is very broad and contains to many variables to work with. So our next step is to type into your Google Search Box sub niches for each one of your choices to bring the elephant down to a smaller size. Sport is huge when you consider the number of types out there, so it needs to be more focused. Same with the other 2 choices.

Lets Take beauty. I typed Sub Niches for Beauty and there were many. I chose 5 to look at and they were: hair care, nail care, hair styles, Make up and skin care. Next I searched sub niches for each of those 5 and for Skin Care I came up with quite a few but chose 3. Skin care for teenagers, Skin care for cancer survivors and Skin care for outdoor men. Now look at each one of them to see if you can break them down to a more focused market or Micro Niche. Skin care for teenagers might include acne, so you could create an entire website around that one. Every teenager is concerned with their looks, so there can be big opportunities within that Micro niche. Find affiliate products and sprinkle them through your page. Have a capture page attached to each product to encourage your visitors to join your mailing list

Maybe you have a better idea but this is just a guide to get you started. Just by taking the time to research and break it down to the smallest market will give you more targeted visitors that will buy!

So we’ve decided on our niche, what do we do next? Setting things up to launch your site!
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PS. Probably one of the best Free Courses I have seen is Here! Great free educational material. I am not an affiliate for this site, I just loved the information! If you watch it and enjoy it too, please let me know. Thanks!

Online Marketing Tools

No matter what work you do offline, you must have the tools and those tools generally will cost you to purchase! To be serious about starting a business online you definitely need online marketing tools and they too will cost you money! To be successful and I mean truly successful, you must have tools to advertise online products or opportunities and a means to contact your prospects . I am not talking about using Traffic exchanges or other online tin pot ventures! I am referring to a real business, where you have 100% control!

Needed Tools
The first thing I encourage you is to create a Website or a Blog. It can be a membership type website to start your own online promotion business or one that you design around a niche. For a Niche, you need to write posts consistently, so the search engines can pick up your website or blog and show it too interested parties. Blogs are the easiest to set up and I am using WordPress.

Other tools is a Capture Page with an Autoreponder attached to it, so your prospects can click though, join your mailing list to learn more about you and what you are presenting. A Landing Page to show what you are offering, along with a well written email series that your Autoresponder can send out to keep your prospects up to date with additional important information. Note: always provide good quality information about your chosen Niche, DO NOT just keep sending them offers to buy or join something! You will lose them because they are only a few inches away from the unsubscribe button. You also need a Landing Page Design Tool, there are plenty of Free ones available. I used to use a Free Website Builder (downloaded to my PC) and transfer the code to my Hosting Account C or S/panel.

Keyword Research Tool, there are plenty of free ones available to assist you to target your market keywords with more focus on the words or phrases your prospects write in the search box to find your website. Google Keyword Planner is the best in my opinion.

A good Tracking System to know where your prospects are coming from and where your advertising is working or not working. Also when you tweak or change something within your ads you will see if it is working better or worse!

A good Customer Support System so your prospect can contact you and ask questions. You will see mine below, I do not like using an Email due to spam. If you want to know more see below to send me a message. It is an anti spam system and works well.

Finally a Hosting Account. Avoid using free as they tend to have down time issues. However WordPress Blogs are self hosting but you need a hosting account to host your Capture pages, Landing pages, Banners and sometimes your free giveaways and additional future websites as you grow.

Sadly all that sounds expensive and it can be, however there are programs out their that provide most of the above at a reasonable price. For example one of the best programs I’ve seen for beginners is called All In One Profits (AIOP) the cost is a little over $10 a month with a small admin fee which is awesome value.

There are promotional sites that work with you on finding referrals. Free Advertising For You (FAFY) is one of the best. Join them Here and get free advertising and then Join FAFY AIOP Team Build, you will find it in the side bar under “450,000 FAFY Credits”! They will also help you get referrals so your cost in AIOP could be from Zero to making money at AIOP fairly quickly!

You will still need a Tracking System and Leads Leap is free and great. I am a member of FAFY and Leads Leap but I have retired from online marketing and just enjoy helping others. I am no longer a member of AIOP but I found it great when I was a member.

A better system is Wealthy Affiliates which is better than AIOP but so is the price. $19 for the first month then $47 per month after that! You will need to find your own referrals to bring your cost to zero and that may be difficult. So I suggest AIOP and later move to Wealthy Affiliates but that is up to you. I am not a member their now but there system worked very well.

Having the right online Marketing tools is essential you your online success, so please get involved because these tools will become the foundation to make you a lot of money.

Next time we will continue our theme on how to eat an Elephant and finding a profitable Niche. Even if you know very little about the Niche you choose.

To Your Success
PS. Sorry this article was so long.
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Make Money Online

For most online marketers, money has been slow coming. Usually most have spent way more than they have earned. This post will assist you to change that, however, it means work on your part! Sadly you cannot set and forget and think it will work. You should never get involved in tin pot programs that promise you big money by advertising a link in the same advertising centers everyone else is operating in and think you will make a lot of money. 97% of online marketers are doing that and 97% are failing. So what are the other 3% doing?

Where Do We Begin
When eating an elephant, one cannot be expected to complete that task in one sitting. It needs to be cut into smaller portions and devoured over time. Internet and affiliate marketing is like that! In fact, any business you build online or offline is like that! It takes time to learn the procedures necessary long before you start any business! You begin by doing one thing at a time until you become good at it!

One begins by finding a need in the market, by focusing on something people want or information people need to solve a problem or perhaps a desire and that takes time and research. You can’t just pick a product, put up a banner and think, yes, I will sell that! Internet or affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way. Affiliate marketing is the selling of someone else’s products for a commission. To sell those products you will need to know about the market sector or Niche that you will be working in.

People tend to buy from people they know and trust, so time is needed to build that trust. You do that by providing useful information to help them, have something of real value to give away that will really help them and over time the trust begins. You must have really good products that work, not a tin pot that does nothing! Your desire to help others is of paramount importance

Just those 2 steps take a lot of work and if you are not prepared to put in the time learning about those you want to help, then you will find it tough going to be successful!

3% of marketers are doing this which allows the many search engines to pick up the useful information they are publishing by Website or Blog and getting free traffic to their site while 97% of marketers are setting a link chasing credits and failing.

Next time, before we continue the theme of how to find a profitable Niche, to improve your marketing, we will talk about some of the tools you will need and how to find them.

To your success
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Why You Can’t Make Money Online

As discussed on the home page, most online marketers believe that by joining a promotion and advertising it like everyone else, on Traffic Exchanges, Traditional advertising sites including solo emails, will build their business quickly and make a lot of money fast, just as their promo page promises! Yet 97% of marketers are doing this and most if not all of the 97% are failing!

Think about it like this! You see a promotion and join, you take the optional upgrade for $10 one time expecting 50% commissions, free members get 10%! It is quite new with 1000 members and you see half of them have upgraded. 50% upgrade numbers is virtually unheard of but follow me. You find 10 referrals and 50% upgrade.. woohoo you think, I just made $50, how awesome it that?. This makes 1010 members with 505 upgraded! Do the math, how much has the owner made? More than $5050, more if free members found upgraded referrals. Now the owner can use in their advertising.. “How to make $5000 virtually over night”. This sucks in more members, as owners usually advertise their site also! So who is it that’s making the money? The Website Owner, NOT YOU! PLUS you helped build his mailing list of 1010 members and he can send them additional offers to make more money!

Even worse, for every new referral that joins, also cuts down your advertising response power! It is not long before you’re failing to get referrals!

Think about it this way! Suppose you struck on an amazing plan that DID make you $100 a day, every day? Who would you tell? If you told me and I tried it, wouldn’t that divide your market share by half? I would be advertising the same way you are and both of us would only be earning $50 a day. How many members on a promotional business site? Usually thousands! Now your referral power is divided by 1000’s. Who is it again that is making the real money?

Next Problem!
Everyone surfs for credits on many different exchanges, often at the same time, switching between tabs as fast as possible in order to get the credits to advertise their promo offer. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, who really looks at the splash pages and clicks through to see the website? Very few! People only surf to gain credits and those who just can’t catch a break tend to give up and just play the surfing games for a reward of prizes and pennies! In third world countries, where $5 can be one or two days wages it is OK but for real marketers, PLEASE…

Don’t let this be you! It becomes time wasting and soul destroying!

So what is the answer? In the next few articles, we are going to learn just how to eat an elephant. That is, just how to change your marketing strategies to get the best results!
To your success
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Create An Online Business Wisely

Marry in Haste Repent at Leisure
That is an old saying and it applies here! Would a real businessperson create an online business without knowing what he/she is doing? Of course not. They study the business from all angles, looking at its strong points its weaknesses then they make an informed decision and not one based on what someone writes online. Once you are married to something you can live a life time of pleasure or regret, it’s up to you!

Putting Some Bite into Your Actions

The first thing I do when I want to create an online business is find out as much as I can about it first. I do not just join! I Google the business and try to understand what it is all about.

My next thought is, can I join free then upgrade? I will rarely join anything and pay money before I can walk in the door, although there are some exceptions. To me that is crazy and I would be begging the website owner to take me to the cleaners! I then ask myself is it established or relatively new, how does it work, how big is the membership, how good is the support, is there training on the inside, what would my role be, does it have a product, is it MLM or affiliate or another type of marketing. Does it depend on me finding referrals, is it possible for me to find referrals that will upgrade, can I train these referrals myself in this type of business or do I need to throw away my teeth and suck it and see? There are so many questions that need answering before I take the next move.

Build Your Desire
Your desire should be, to be a part of the 3% who are successful online but sadly very few will do this because it is hard work. However, you can make it easy and blindly join and remain a part of the 97%. It is worth the effort to train yourself as a business man or woman while endeavoring to work online.

Put your emotions aside and think with your head! All too often do people see an offer and hear that everyone is making money and dive right in only to be disappointed. Do not rush in, take your time and if you find this offer not to be to your liking, then let it go! There are millions more like it out there in internet land. Ask yourself this! How many times have you earned $50 or even $1 over and over again like the websites say you will? Very few and probably never!

Side note:-  I do not like to create an online business where you pay a monthly fee, (with exceptions to services or needed tools) sure the benefits can be great but all too often in my experience, your down line fails and you lose! It can be similar with Matrix’s.

Once I decide to join, I rarely take the one time promo offer, if it is available! Why? Well some people think that I am crazy but why pay for something I know very little about? Once inside I may not like what I see and then I am stuck with something I do not want! I look all over the sight to understand everything about it. I check every link to see what it does, only then do I make my decision.

In my next post we will look at why I think this way!
To your success
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Why Do People Fail Online

I believe every online marketer works hard for success so why do people fail online?

I think it is due to the lack of understanding of what they are dealing with within their business opportunity.

Your Off Line Work
Most of us in our off line work are usually employed and are paid by the hour. We work like an employed person, follow instruction from the boss but when we go home our day is usually over! Not so for the boss, he keeps working. He/she needs to find future work pay the bills improve his education just to keep up with the changes in his/her line of work. There is no way he/she can make thousands a day with a few minutes work!

Your Online Work
Once you start marketing online you become the Boss! It is up to you to do the things your boss did behind the scenes. You need to stop being a sheep just following the crowd, your entire outlook needs to change. You go from employee to the boss and so should your thinking. You make the decisions and whether you win or lose it is all down to you!

It is now up to you to find a decent product or business opportunity, educate yourself in the way of the internet, the market, the people around you, your customers and most importantly you need to be a problem solver for your business and your clients even offering a customer support system so they can contact you.

This is a huge amount of work which must happen BEFORE you start your online activity. The saying I will learn as I earn does work to a small degree but generally it does not and proof of that is 97% of the people are trying that and failing!

Your Road To Success
To start you on your road to success I want you to read the following Report in its entirety! It is how to achieve using Free Advertising! You will not be joining any list and I am not asking you to join, just read and understand what it takes.

Free advertising does work but you need to understand what types are available and just how to make it work.

Next post we will look at choosing the right business opportunity.
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To Your Success

Online Marketing Dreams

Problems Faced
When one first discovers they can make money online and all you have to do is join a program, pay a small fee and advertise, advertise, advertise and you too will make a six figure income working only a few hours a day, the dream sets in.

Sadly when reality strikes you find yourself working all day and losing money not making it.. Why?

I call it toothless marketing!  If you do not know what you are doing, then you do the same as everyone else which means you become like a dog without teeth! All you can do is suck on the market! You really can’t or do not know how to take a bite and chew on it.

Why Like This or What Do I Mean?
Perhaps the program you bought into is no good, It’s a scam maybe it is too old. There is no one who wants to join and if they do they do not pay the fee so you can earn a commission. These are a few of the reasons I have heard over the years and some of it may be true but not usually.  When one joins many ventures and still cannot earn, we have to ask ourselves why?

Here is your answer.. You may hate me when I tell you, you may even leave this page. The real problem is YOU!!

Think about your off line job! How long did it take you to qualify for your position? Years at High School, years at College then years training in your chosen trade or profession and you keep on learning. Now all of a sudden you believe because you see in writing that someone made $100,000 online you are qualified to do the same without training? Now you may not have said that but because you join something and you are failing, your actions are saying it! Your actions are saying that by some lucky break or mere will of the universe you will be able to do the same. Get Me? You are the problem! You have learn how to grow teeth!

With the online failure rate around 97%, you have to wonder why. Let’s look into it in more detail with the next article.

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